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POP Sign Holder

POP sign holders (also known as POP clips) are point-of-purchase displays that showcase whatever signage you want to display, from sales information to key features of a product.

A POP sign holder clips easily to shelves and other fixtures. They're a reusable, versatile, and affordable office supply for retailers.

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POP Sign Holder Frequently Asked Questions

What is a POP sign holder?

A POP sign holder is a plastic sign holder that clips onto retail fixtures. It displays a sign that gives product information such as the product name and pricing. POP sign holders can swivel and turn to display the information at different angles and directions.

POP sign holders are made of durable plastic. They offer an inexpensive, sturdy, and eye-catching solution to retailers.

What are POP sign holders made of?

POP sign holders are made of plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). They are lightweight, adjustable, durable, and waterproof.

How big are POP sign holders?

POP sign holders are typically between 1-2 inches x 1-2 inches and a few millimeters thick. The size of each product in length, height, thickness, and channel dimensions varies.

How do I take care of my POP sign holder?

You can take care of your POP sign holder by keeping them on a flat surface away from sharp objects and avoiding dropping them on hard surfaces like concrete. Use a soft wet cloth to remove any fingerprints.

What are some different types of POP sign holders?

Some different types of POP sign holders are as follows:

  • Retail sign grippers
  • Card holders
  • Sign frames
  • Flag holders
  • Rotating sign clips
  • Hinged data-trac and display-trak
  • Perforated sign holders
  • Multi-grippers
  • C-link hooks
  • Super-clips