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Price Channel Sign Holders

Our pricing channel sign holders and price tag label holders are available in a variety of styles to meet your specific requirements.

These inexpensive, adaptable shelf talker sign holders for price channels are produced to the highest quality requirements. The retail shelf sign holders can be used again and again to keep your consumers informed about pricing information, discount details, promotions, holiday and special events, or to bring attention to featured items.

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Price Channel Frequently Asked Questions

What are price channel sign holders?

Price channel sign holders are PVC plastic price channel holders that connect to the edge of a shelf.

They commonly display plastic retail labels in conjunction with card signs or other printed materials.

When should you use price channel sign holders?

Price channel holders are great for identifying shop products in retail displays.

Each product label can include the item's name, price, or description. You can also use them to feature colorful discount presentations or special promotions.

What are the different types of price channel sign holders?

The different types of price channel sign holders are:

  • Arrowhead fasteners and fastener stems
  • 2-way rail flag sign holders
  • Multi-grippers with adhesive
  • Ticket rail sign holders and ticket rail flag sign holders
  • Super-clips

Do I need SuperGrip™ or gripping with adhesive to keep my price channel sign holder from falling?

No. SuperGrip™ and accompanying adhesives are employed to grant greater support and stability. However, each plastic sign holder that IDL Displays features is built to reliably support its advertised retail display.