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IDL Displays offers trustworthy and cost-effective shelf edge sign holders, and Gondola shelving sign holder solutions.

Add a shelf edge holder to display on all of your store's shelves. We provide shelf sign clips, plastic, and glass shelf sign holders. Place flags, shelf price holders, or other types of signage on your aisles fast and efficiently

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Shelf Edge Sign Holders Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use shelf edge signs?

Shelf edge signs are ideal for displaying rates or weekly specials. They attract customers' attention, preserve your signs, and are simple to relocate or replace at any time.

Because yellow and red quickly indicate a deal or offer, placing shelf labels in an eye-catching color will pull visitors into your exhibit.

How can you maintain retail shelves?

Customers like tidy and clean shelf-edge presentations. They are less inclined to buy if they see confusing or messy displays. So, keep your shelves easy to navigate using a shelf organizer or pusher.

Shelf organizers, like shelf risers and shelf dividers, are essential during busy seasons since they keep your merchandise upright and orderly.

When should you employ shelf edge displays?

Use a shelf label holding strip, a wobbler spring, a wobbler strip, or an aisle fin holder on busy retail shelves to make your offerings visible from a distance.

Because of the protruding character of the shelf displays, even the hardest-to-spot retail items are made visible.

Aluminum aisle fin holders and adhesive shelf edge wobbler fasteners are also available.

Can you make customized shelf edge strips?

We make custom shelf talkers and shelf edge strips in a range of common sizes and colors. If you need some other custom item to match your brand, IDL can make it.

Our manufacturing hub ensures a speedy turnaround on all custom and retail goods.

What are SuperGrip™ flag converters?

SuperGrip flag converters are clips utilizing a branded technology made to hold and convert signs into flag displays. They are typically made from clear PVC so as not to intrude upon the printed graphics.

What is a perforated plastic sign holder?

A perforated plastic sign holder is a plastic sign holder designed for perforated shelves (shelves that have a row of small holes).

Many perforated plastic sign holders utilize an adhesive for additional support and to keep the signage flush with the shelving.