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A magazine display rack can serve countless purposes. It can hold magazines or periodicals your business is selling, or it can clearly display your company catalogs. Magazines and other literature can be valuable advertising tools for your business, and a quality magazine display holder can ensure these items are seen. IDL manufactures a variety of magazine display stand products to suit a range of needs.

A magazine floor stand can increase your company’s revenue. It can encourage impulse buying before checking out and could advertise a range of products. A catalog that is taken home by one customer may be shared and reach the hands of dozens of others.

We manufacture floor brochure stands and magazine stands in a variety of shapes and sizes. You may be in search of a floor standing magazine rack, a wall-mounted rack, rotating rack or a combination of features. We offer a diverse selection of display racks and can even custom manufacture a display rack to your requirements.

Shop our full selection of top-quality, affordable magazine display racks below or contact us to learn about our custom fabrication capabilities.

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