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Acheter des Data-Tracs

Data strips for shelves are an important component of efficient advertising. You can purchase a shelf edge data strip that comes with a clip, a self-adhesive data strip, or one that features both.

Shelf label holder strips assist you in capturing customers' attention. They also produce a clean and professional aisle aesthetic for your store.

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Data Strips and Clips Frequently Asked Questions

What are data strips and clips?

Data strips are thin plastic strips that are attached to the front edge of retail shelving displays using adhesives, clips, or both.

The innovative design easily clips (often with the help of an adhesive) over the shelf edge. It then clings beneath the lip offering a tidy, hassle-free experience.

They're utilized to display information such as pricing and barcodes, discounts, or special offers. The item information is presented directly above the item on the shelf.

What are the different types of data strips?

IDL Displays provides a diverse selection of durable and cost-effection data strips and clips, including

  • Adhesive data strips
  • Clip-on data strips
  • Hinged and unhinged Data-tracs
  • Data flags
  • Angled and hanging data strips
  • Flex flag sign holders
  • Double-hinged data grips
  • Channel brackets
  • SuperGrip™ products

Where are data strips best used?

Data strips are best used on fixed shelving, tiered displays, glass displays, and standing gondola fixtures.

They are also great on wood, acrylic, and steel shelving.

What kind of information do data strips display?

Data strips display vital product information such as descriptions and pricing.

Paper labels are often included on data strips for promotions and special offers. Any customized label can be inserted inside the talker of the data strip's gripper.

These talkers emphasize item data for maximum exposure.

Data stripping can also be utilized with barcode labels.