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MGM10402 - Dual MagMover 6"

  • Provides up to 2 suspension points
  • The 6″ Dual MagMover has two ‘posts’ (spaced 6″ apart) and is used to hold up to two Clikmagnets. It is ideal for items that have up to two attachment points.
  • Great for signs and most P.O.P displays
  • Note: RingMagnets can be placed on the posts so displays can be suspended from walls & ceilings
  • Take Down: Each post has a corkscrew. When it is time to remove your items, rotate out the corkscrews and insert fully into the ring of the ClikMagnet and ‘pull’. The curls of the corkscrew holds the item from falling to safely bring it down.
SKU: MGM10402

Attachment type: Magnetic

Height: 3.5 Inch

Length: 7 Inch

Pack Size: 1

Price Per 1 Piece
1+ $47.912
MGM10402 MGM10402