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IDL Displays Announces New Pricing On Magmover System Components

IDL is pleased to announce that as of November 1st, we have implemented a price reduction of approximately 25-30% on most Magmover products.

“We embrace the opportunity to notify our clients of such good news,” says National Sales Manager David Gilbert. 

The Magmover ceiling display system is designed to provide the greatest flexibility in positioning and takedown of any hanging system – ideal for drop ceilings or girder ceilings.  Cut preparation time by installing signs and decor 20 feet high without the use of a lift or a ladder.

Using powerful magnets and innovative telescopic pole extenders, the system provides simple solutions for hanging and changing signs  while ensuring that your feet remain safely on the ground.

Visit our website to see our complete line of Magmover products.

About IDL Displays

Since its inception in 1977, IDL has grown into an industry leader and supplier to many of the world's best known retailers, brand owners, printers and their creative services suppliers. In addition, our products are widely used in schools, libraries, hospitals, factories and offices to display informative literature, signage and other graphic displays.

IDL Displays offers one of the most extensive selections of visual merchandising and POP display components, fasteners and accessories available anywhere. With over 1000’s of stock products in stock and ready to ship, IDL has you covered for all your needs.

We have a team of consultants who will be able to collaborate and design POP solutions that will maximize your sales! To start the discussion, please contact us at 1-877-579-1882.