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IDL Displays Ltd. introduces new line of premium sign holders

IDL Displays Ltd. introduces new line of premium sign holders




IDL is excited to launch a new line of premium sign holders perfect for that high end look in any retail environment. The first line of SKU’s in this product launch is made of ¾” thick crystal clear acrylic and the panels snap together with embedded magnets to hold your sign in place. This product comes in 3 sizes, 5” H X 3 ½” W (4300301 CI), 6” H X 4” W (4300401 CI) and 7” H X 5” W (4300501 CI). These items look great in any setting and can be set up for vertical or horizontal display.


Our second product family launched in the premium category is our curved acrylic sign holder series. This line is perfect for any retail environment. This lineup of curved sign holders can be displayed convex or concave. This product comes in 3 sizes, 4” H X 6” W (680101 CI), 5” H X 7” W (680201 CI) and 8 ½” H X 11” W (680301 CI).


Our final item in this 7 SKU product launch is our premium swivel sign holder. Green tinted panes give the look of real glass, base stays stationary so you can display signs on both sides. This product comes in 1 size, 11”H X 8 ½” W (691590 CI). More sizes of this product will launch in the coming month.


To learn more about our line of premium sign holders visit our website:



If you require samples of these exciting new sign holders or want to know more about our new line of sample kits by industry or applications please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-579-1882 and one of our product experts can help you with any questions.