Plastic Brochure Holders

Looking for an effective, inexpensive way to display literature and other materials at your location? Plastic brochure holders are a great solution. Able to house flyers, pamphlets, brochures and other items, plastic pamphlet holders help keep your counters neat and organized while featuring information in an attractive, easy-to-see way.

At IDL, we have a full catalog of acrylic flyer holder options in various sizes and designs. Choose an outdoor wall-mounted holder; a combination holder that displays flyers and business cards; a ballot box; a plastic flyer holder; or whatever meets your needs.

One thing you can count on is that buying from IDL means you get great prices alongside superior quality. Your brochure stand will give you one more way to connect with visitors and communicate key information you want them to know. Plus, it will be affordable for you.

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    Literature Pockets with 3 Adhesive Flaps

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  2. SKU: FP-1
    Flat Pac Free-Standing Literature Box
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2 Items

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