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Gondola Shelving Accessories

From gondola shelf clips to gondola shelf sign holders, IDL Displays has all the gondola shelf accessories you need. Transform your retail gondola shelves into gorgeous merchandising presentations.

Shelf management is an essential component of retailing. Product pushers and trays keep products organized to make it easy for customers to peruse your merchandise.

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Gondola Shelving Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

What is gondola shelving?

Gondola shelving is a common retail store display rack. It allows retailers to maximize their retail space in a quickly constructed, spatially efficient, and cost-effective manner.

The construction itself can be described as a free-standing double-sided unit. The unit does not require wall mounting. It was created with the customer's and retail store owner's convenience in mind.

What are the different types of gondolas?

The different types of gondolas are the wall gondola, island gondola, and end cap gondola. These are the three primary varieties of gondola shelving commonly used by retail businesses.

Are gondola shelves interchangeable?

Yes. Gondola shelves are interchangeable and simple to construct

How much weight can gondola shelves hold?

About 500 pounds.

Avoid overstocking your fixtures, which can result in bent or damaged shelves. This presents a less desirable aesthetic to the customer.

What are RZ-Adhesive moulded plastic bases used for?

RZ-Adhesive moulded plastic bases are used to display larger format signage and displays

RZ-Adhesive and magnetic moulded plastic bases provide additional support and make for easier installation.

What is a poster channel used for?

A poster channel is used to display posters or signs on the top of the gondola shelving. They can also be used on other metal or magnetic surfaces.

What does a power bar do?

A power bar is affixed to perforated gondola shelving and allows the shelf to support additional fixtures, such as wire fixtures.

They also allow electrical add-ons such as lighting or illuminated signage to be easily plugged in.