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Corrugated Shelf Clips

Transform your shelving experience with IDL Displays' Corrugated Shelf Clips.

Our innovative product provides a reliable solution to the common problem of maintaining sturdy and well-supported shelves.

Whether you're organizing your closet, setting up a bookcase, or creating storage solutions, our Corrugated Shelf Clips are here to fulfill your needs.

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  1. SKU: CS-95B | CS-96 | CS95-FEMALECLIP | CS95-00MALECLIP
    Corr-A-Clip Heavy-Duty

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    CS95 Corr-A-Clip Heavy-Duty

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Corrugated Shelf Clips Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Corrugated Shelf Clips adjustable?

Yes, our Corrugated Shelf Clips offer adjustable support for your shelves. You can easily position and customize the height of your shelves by using our clips. This flexibility allows you to adapt your shelving configurations according to your specific needs.

Can these shelf clips be used in closets?

Absolutely! Our Corrugated Shelf Clips are ideal for closet organization. Whether you need to support clothing rods, shoe racks, or storage shelves, our closet shelf clips provide the stability and security required to keep your closet items neatly organized.

Are the shelf clips easy to install?

Yes, the installation process for our Corrugated Shelf Clips is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply align the clips with your desired shelf height, lock them into place, and attach the shelves. Detailed instructions are included with the product to guide you through the installation process.

Can these shelf clips support heavy items?

Yes, we offer heavy-duty shelf clips that are specifically designed to handle heavier items. These clips are engineered with reinforced materials to provide extra strength and stability. You can confidently use them to support heavier storage items or books without worrying about sagging