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Merchandising Strips & Accessories

At IDL Displays, we understand that in the world of retail, standing out and capturing the attention of potential customers is essential.

One way to do this is by using merchandising strips, an excellent product category that can help increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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Merchandising Strips Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are your merchandising strips made from?

We offer both metal and plastic options for our merchandising strips.

How do I install your merchandising strips?

Our merchandising strips are easy to install and can be added to your existing displays or used as standalone fixtures.

What size options do you offer for your merchandising strips?

We offer various sizes for our merchandising strips, providing maximum flexibility for customization.

Can I order customized printing on your merchandising strips?

Yes, we offer custom printing, kitting, and fulfillment services for our merchandising strips.

Do you ship your products internationally?

Yes, we have global manufacturing capabilities, and we are able to serve clients across the globe.