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Adhesive Hang Tabs

Are you searching for a practical and efficient solution to showcase your products or organize your inventory?

Our adhesive hang tags, including self-adhesive hang tabs and clear sticky hanging tabs, are designed to provide convenience, functionality, and aesthetic appeal for a wide range of applications.

Adhesive hang tags, also known as hang tabs or plastic hang tabs, are versatile and adhesive-backed tags that can be easily attached to various surfaces.

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Power Wing Clip Frequently Asked Questions

What technical specifications should I know about IDL Displays' adhesive hang tags?

IDL Displays' adhesive hang tags are made from high-quality plastic materials that ensure durability and longevity. The adhesive backing is designed to provide a strong and reliable attachment, allowing the hang tags to withstand various conditions. Our hang tags are also easy to apply and remove, without leaving any residue or damage on the surfaces they are attached to.

What is the recommended way to use adhesive hang tags?

To make the most of your adhesive hang tags, consider the following tips: - Clean the surface: Before applying the hang tags, ensure that the surface is clean and free from dust, oil, or any other substances that may affect the adhesive's effectiveness. - Position strategically: Place the hang tags in a visible and easily accessible location, where customers can quickly find the desired information or pricing details. - Regularly update information: Take advantage of the removable and replaceable nature of adhesive hang tags by updating them with current product information, promotions, or pricing changes.