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Plastic Shelf Channels

Transform your retail space with IDL Displays' Plastic Shelf Channels.

Our innovative product provides a seamless solution to the common problem of keeping pricing consistent, organized, and easily visible to customers.

Whether you're a supermarket, retail store, or any business requiring effective price tag holders, our Plastic Shelf Channels fulfill the need for efficient and professional price display.

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Plastic Shelf Channels Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Plastic Shelf Channels easy to install?

Yes, our Plastic Shelf Channels are designed for easy installation. They feature a clip-on design that securely attaches to the shelf edges. Simply position the channel strip and snap it into place. No tools or additional hardware are required.

Can these price tag holders be used on various types of shelves?

Absolutely! Our Plastic Shelf Channels are versatile and can be used on various shelving systems, including gondola shelves, supermarket shelves, slatwalls, and more. The clip-on design ensures a secure fit on different shelf edges.

Are the price tag holders reusable?

Yes, our Plastic Shelf Channels are reusable. They allow for easy insertion and removal of price tags and labels, making it convenient to update pricing or promotional information as needed. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Can the Plastic Shelf Channels accommodate different sizes of price tags?

Yes, our Plastic Shelf Channels can accommodate a range of price tag sizes. The design allows for flexibility in inserting different-sized price tags, labels, or promotional materials, providing a customizable display solution.