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Velcro® Sticker Dots

Take control of your organization and creative projects with IDL Displays' Velcro® Sticker Dots.

Our innovative product provides a simple yet effective solution to the common problem of securely fastening objects together or attaching them to surfaces.

If you're organizing your workspace or engaging in DIY crafts, our Velcro® Sticker Dots fulfill the need for reliable and convenient fasteners that deliver exceptional versatility.

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Velcro® Sticker Dots Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Velcro® Sticker Dots reusable?

Yes, our Velcro® Sticker Dots are reusable. The hook and loop components allow for easy attachment and detachment, enabling you to reuse them multiple times without compromising their effectiveness.

Can these sticker dots be used on walls?

Absolutely! Our Velcro® Sticker Dots are suitable for use on walls and various other surfaces such as glass, wood, and plastic. They provide a secure hold while allowing for easy removal without damaging the surface.

Are the Velcro® Sticker Dots suitable for fabric?

Yes, our Velcro® Sticker Dots are excellent for fabric applications. Whether you need to secure clothing, create closures on garments, or attach fabric items together, these dots provide a reliable and adjustable fastening solution.