Velcro® Sticker Dots

Looking for an easily removable way to hang signs, notices, posters and more? Velcro® sticker dots are the perfect solution. Available in different designs and sizes, these Velcro® dots allow you to securely mount signage to surfaces in a way that’s easy to change anytime. The Velcro® strips don’t do any damage to walls the way nails or screws can, and yet they’re durable and strong enough to keep your information posted. Whether you have a retail store, restaurant, school, library, medical center, office or other facility, you can’t beat the appeal of these hook-and-loop dots. At IDL Displays, Inc., we carry a variety of different adhesive Velcro® dots, in different sizes and designs to meet your needs. When you’re looking for an easy, convenient way to be able to change signs quickly, you’ll love the benefits of these products.

As your one-stop shop for all things product merchandising, IDL offers adhesive hook-and-loop dots of many kinds. Because we manufacture our products ourselves, we are able to pass cost savings on to you, the customer. Come to us for low-cost, high-quality values you can trust. Ready to learn more about Velcro® strips and sticker dots? Below, browse our available products.

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  1. SKU: 6604B | 6604W | 6605B | 6605W | 6606B | 6606W
    Velcoin® Brand Button Fasteners - Twin Pack

    Starting at $22.37

  2. SKU: 6600-HW | 6600-LW | 6601-HB | 6601-HW | 6601
    Velcro® Brand w/ Adhesive Tape

    Starting at $56.83

  3. SKU: 6643 | 6643B | 6646
    Velcro® Brand Adhesive Handi-Strips

    Starting at $0.50

5 Items

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