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Sign Protectors

Whether you own a business center or a store selling domestic items, the signage used to promote bargains, promotions, events, and other information is precious and should be secured.

IDL Displays, Inc. offers a wide range of sign protectors to safeguard your sale announcements, promotional announcements, tags, and more.

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  1. SKU: SP-35HG
    Sign Protector
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  2. SKU: SVPA46 | SVPA8511
    Soft Vinyl Pouch

    Starting at $1.61

  3. SKU: SP-5 | SP-8 | SP-11 | SP-3555HG | SP-557HG
    Sign Protector

    Starting at $0.52

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Sign Protectors Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sign Protectors?

Sign Protectors are a type of protective cover designed to protect signs, posters, and other printed materials from damage caused by weather, UV rays, and other environmental factors. They are typically made of clear plastic, allowing for easy visibility of the contents inside.

What types of signs are suitable for Sign Protectors?

Sign Protectors can be used to protect a wide variety of signs, including posters, banners, directional signs, and more. They can be used for indoor and outdoor signs and can accommodate different sizes and shapes.

How do Sign Protectors attach to signs?

Sign Protectors typically feature a clear adhesive backing that allows for easy and secure attachment to signs. They can also come with mounting hardware such as screws, clips, or suction cups to allow for hanging or mounting on different surfaces.

Can Sign Protectors be customized?

Yes, Sign Protectors can be customized with logos, labels, or other branding elements to suit the needs of a particular organization or campaign.

How do I clean Sign Protectors?

Sign protectors can be cleaned with a damp cloth or mild detergent solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives, which can damage the cover