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Shelf Fastners & Connectors

Discover the solution to your shelving needs with IDL Displays' Shelf Fasteners & Connectors.

Our innovative product addresses the common problem of maintaining the stability and integrity of shelves, ensuring that your items are securely displayed.

Whether you're organizing a retail space, a pantry, or a storage area, our Shelf Fasteners & Connectors are here to fulfill your shelving requirements.

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Shelf Fasteners & Connectors Frequently Asked Questions

Are these connectors compatible with all types of shelves?

Our Shelf Fasteners & Connectors are designed for wire shelving and metal shelving systems. They are compatible with most standard wire shelving and metal shelving units. However, we recommend checking the specifications and measurements of your shelves to ensure proper fit and compatibility.

Can these connectors support heavy items on the shelves?

Yes, our connectors are designed to provide reliable support for various load capacities. It's important to consider the weight limits specified by the manufacturer of your shelves. We recommend distributing weight evenly and avoid exceeding the maximum weight capacity of the shelves and connectors.

Are the plastic connectors durable and long-lasting?

Our plastic connectors for wire shelving and metal shelving are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. They are designed to withstand regular use and provide reliable support for your shelves. Use them within their intended weight capacity and follow proper installation guidelines for optimal performance.