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Wire Shelf Label Holders

Do you want to arrange your inventory or improve the look of your display shelves? Or do you want to display information about your facility's rates or specials?

Whatever your requirements are, IDL has a solution in our broad assortment of wire shelving label holders, wire rack label holders, wire shelf brackets, and wire shelving tags.

These pieces are ideal for attaching to the front of shelves and marking or announcing things.

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Wire Shelf Label Holders Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call wire shelves?

Wire shelving is extensively used in industrial and commercial platforms, and has lately gained popularity in residential settings.

It's also referred to as wire decking or ventilated shelf.

How can I improve the appearance of my wire storage racks?

You can improve the appearance of your wire storage racks in a few ways. Here are a few tips to help you.

  • Maintain symmetry
  • Objects should be layered
  • Maintain a color scheme
  • Incorporate a variety of textures
  • Vary the heights
  • Consider the rule of three

When putting up wire shelves, should they go into studs?

If possible, yes, install the shelves into studs.

Secure all of the components in place with a drill or screwdriver.

Add an angle bracket every few feet or so to offer extra support for the wire shelf.

Drill the angle brackets into a wall stud if at all feasible.

However, the rear wall clips do not need to be placed into wall studs.