Merchandising Hooks

What is product merchandising without display hooks? These staples of retail aisles can make all the difference in product and store visual merchandising. From plastic pegboard hooks to metal display rack hooks to grid hooks and more, these powerful display accessories are designed to help you showcase products in an eye-catching, attractive way that entices customers to buy.

Organize your kitchen items, office supplies, pantry staples, tools, toys, beauty products, pharmacy items or whatever you sell in a way that takes advantage of your wall space. Create integrated merchandising systems that can make a big impact and encourage sales. Keep merchandise out where customers can notice it by utilizing retail hooks in your display.

At IDL Displays, we offer a wide variety of merchandising hooks in various designs and sizes to fit your needs. As your unique online source for one of the most extensive selections of merchandising options, we have tons of products available and ready to ship to you. We’ve been in business since 1977, providing products to many of the world’s best-known retailers. Shop our selection of retail display hooks to find high-quality, low-cost options for equipping your location, from metal to plastic retail hooks.

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  1. SKU: 1102 | 1104 | 1106

    Starting at $0.13

  2. SKU: 1077B | 1077W | 1078B | 1078W | 1079B | 1079W
    Single Prong Quik-Stik Merchandising Hook

    Starting at $0.28

  3. SKU: 1077-DW | 1078-DW | 1079-DW
    Double Prong Quik-Stik Merchandising Hook

    Starting at $0.37

  4. SKU: 1076B | 1076W
    Quik-Stik Flag Pin 2" Long

    Starting at $0.30

  5. SKU: 1057-DB | 1057-DW | 1058-DB | 1058-DW
    Double Prong Pegboard / Slatwall Hook

    Starting at $0.32

  6. SKU: 1056B | 1056W
    Pegboard / Slatwall Flag Pin 2" Long

    Starting at $0.26

  7. SKU: BPH-3 | BPH-5
    Butterfly Package Hooker

    Starting at $0.22

Items 1-11 of 47

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